Data Center

Since launching Hawaii's first commercial data center in 2000, we have worked to ensure local businesses and Internet users get the most from their Internet experience. We launched Hawaii's first Akamai Content Delivery network node, speeding Web browsing and downloads for Hawaii users and content. Today, our data center is one of Hawaii's key content aggregation points, with 40 percent of Hawaii's Internet users represented in our Internet data center (IDC).

The NetEnterprise IDC features optical fiber paths for high-speed Internet connections, redundant electrical power sources, and an exceptionally experienced and skilled operations group, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We do more than deliver high-speed dedicated Internet access to your company. We analyze, troubleshoot, manage and monitor the performance of your business network from our Network Operations Center (NOC). Our network engineers also provide security and authentication, generate usage reports, and ensure optimum network performance.

Security threats can come from anywhere—viruses, hackers, disgruntled employees. Even plain old user error can threaten the integrity of your corporate network and the data on it. NetEnterprise's climate controlled Internet Data Center (IDC) features fault tolerant environmental, power, and fire suppression systems. We use the latest biometric technology to track physical access to the facility, ensuring your data's security.

Data center services such as streaming media (video and/or audio) and network monitoring leverage the data center's connectivity and reliability.

Hosting & Colocation

"You can leverage our state-of-the-art data center and our secure, fully managed Internet servers to host your Website and applications. NetEnterprise offers the latest Windows or UNIX hosting environments.

Or, you may opt for a dedicated managed server for your own use. NetEnterprise's experienced engineers will monitor the server and apply patches as required to ensure the maximum possible uptime and availability of your online presenc